Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Sponsors !!

One more very precious day to go before we head south. My pannier has been unpacked and the contents spread on the guest bed which will help me ensure that I take everything I need.

We have a BIG thank you to one of our major sponsors:

The Bikefactory in Chester serviced our bikes for free and also suggested that we bring them around for a quick check-up when we are passing through Chester on Day 6. They have also given us innertubes (2 sizes for the two different bikes) as well as energy gels for quick refuelling along the way.

THANK you Bikefactory!! This is very much appreciated!

One day to go....

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  1. Bikefactory were brilliant on our trip as we popped in for some spoke adjustment and a few running repairs. They had us all sorted in less than an hour. What a bikeshop should be.