Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Day 11 - 22 June

If I had to pick up all the clothes and bits strewn along the road whilst cycling I would've had a full wardrobe by now ! From bra's and knickers to towels and shoes ! Really. You can't believe the amount of stuff that people just dump.

We left Loch Lomond late, only at 9.20 so we were not on schedule. But the miles flew past and the road was flat ! Lunch was a stop at a station cafe at Tarbet. A toastie, chips to share and a piece of rocky road washed down with a Coke.

Soon we were doing the miles again and some stretches were quite a slog. Most of the time we went downhill but the stretch to Glen Coe were uphill climbing. best bit was a 4mi descent into the valley.

Just after we turned off for the YHA , a Tornado came streaking down the valley with such speed and noise ! It was great and Stephen even ducked his head!

Dinner was at a pub which was a mile away but the food was great.
The worst thing today was seeing a dead Deer and the best the Tornado.

Tomorrow it our only short day. Only 58mi :-)

We hope to get to Loch Ness in good time but need to think about checking in which is not before 5pm. They also don't cater so we need to sort ourselves out with food and the nearest pub is too far.

Today's stats are:


3140 cals

Average speed 11.9mph

Ascent 2105 ft

Descent 2413 ft

Oh yes and I'm getting fitter ! My heartrate has dropped since we started and I don't think it has to do with less hills :-)

Day 1 : 139 bpm

Day 2 : 138 bpm

Day 3 : 134 bpm

Day 4 : 128 bpm

Day 5 : 130 bpm

Day 6 : 133 bpm

Day 7 : 128 bpm

Day 8 : 128 bpm

Day 9 : 128 bpm

Day 10 : 121 bpm

Day 11 : 126 bpm

Bpm stands for beats per minute.

We've uploaded lots of photos to the blog. I hope you like it !

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