Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Day 4 and stats.

Stats for day 4:
77.52mi; 4065cals; max speed: 32.96mph.

The day started bad. I thought we were leaving later and left earlier. On top of that we couldn't have breakfast as it was still closed when we left. We cycled onto Wells to have breakfast there which for me was a pasty. I just couldn't get started today. I struggled for at least the first 20mi if not more. We had lunch at the King William pub in Hallen which was great! A great guy called Alex gave £10 to my charity and Claire and Jenny from the pub donated too. Good sights today was the Clifton suspension bridge and going over the old Severn bridge. See the Twitter updates on the right hand side for photos. The last 25mi were hell. Maybe my big lunch kicked in maybe just tiredness but I just couldn't anymore. Our plotted route also didn't take us to our Inn but we had to cycle another 3 mi to get to it! Very psychologically bad!!

Well on the up side we now have 2mi less tomorrow!

Oh. Just for those that wonder about diet: we don't eat loads of cakes. We had so far just your normal breakfasts with a semi light lunch but a descent dinner. We only have 1 pint of cider each every evening and NO drink during the ride.

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  1. Welna, you're doing good! We are all behind you! Keep on cycling!!! xx