Saturday, 5 June 2010

So can I blog remotely ?

Another training run done today. With only 5 full days left before we get on the train , thoughts are now drifting towards the packing detail and what can / not go. I got two well recommended items this week which will definitely make itself into my pannier. I ordered a lovely small travel hair dryer from John Lewis. I saw Maxine using hers during our Shropshire weekend and it was invaluable. After a full day in the saddle, a girl really wants to shower, and put something less lycra on. A bit of civilization ? I also got Chamois cream which is supposedly better than Sudacream. Fish and chips on Thursday evening to give us enough time for packing and organising. And we will be off ! This post was written via my phone on email. Hopefully it will reach the intended blog ! Happy cycling.

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