Thursday, 10 June 2010

I can hear the whizzz of bike wheels!!

 Last minute stuff done, money drawn and stamps bought for postcards that will be send along the way. Dog is in kennels and instructions to our house-sitter on paper.

Neighbours on neighbourhood watch and milk cancelled. Hopefully I thought of everything!

My phone has been set-up to email to the blog, upload photos to the blog via Flickr, update my status and location via Twitter and Facebook as well as send the critical GPS signal to the map on the blog. I also have two back-up phone batteries in case one dies during the ride. The only thing I can't control is the mobile phone reception :-(
So hopefully there will be T-Mobile reception along the way for me to enable posting on a regular basis.

I have another BIG thank you to say...


Ultimate Sports Nutrition sponsored us some products which is absolutely fantastic!! Protein bars, supplements, T-Shirts, waterbottles and recovery drinks.We have divided the drinks between the first phase of the ride and the second phase (after Day 6) when we can replenish our stocks.

Train tickets are pinned up against the notice board and will be valid tomorrow - just as well that I looked at the tickets as we are departing a whole hour earlier than my mechanic thought!! Imagine if we missed that train...oh dear...

The next time I'm blogging will be during the journey down, will keep you posted about the ups and downs of long distance train travel :-)

Happy cycling!


  1. Well done, counting down to the big trip! All the best on your journey & keep safe - Fawn xoxo

  2. Thanks for getting touch last night and telling me about your big adventure. I will be monitoring your progress with a great deal of envy. Safe cycling. Fin and family. xxxxx

  3. It may look like a long way but just take it a day at at time and enjoy it as much as you can!

    Good luck travel safe take photos!