Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Day 12 - 23 June

Today was the best day so far. Here are the stats :

59.95 mi

3200 cals

Average speed : 11.5 mph

Total ascent : 1615 ft

Total descent : 1853 ft

Average heartrate : 121 bpm

I can hear the swells of Loch Ness whilst writing this update. The YHA is on the shores of the Loch and provides a spectacular view. I will take a photo and upload it so you can see.

Today started with a lovely downhill whizzing through Glen Coe. The road quickly became very busy even though we started early as it is one of the main roads to Inverness. Lorries, cars and big tourist buses passed some times quite close - main culprits the tourist buses. We followed some of the lochs and lunch was at Invergarry where I took my chance and ordered Haggis which was fab. We had some persistant hills today and one particular silly experience was where there were road works right at the bottom of one which was regulated by a convoy system. Only one side of the road was tarred and the other side stripped. We went through last and then had to struggle up the hill whilst the oncoming cars were stopped to allow us through. That was quite stressful as you know you need to make it up the hill and all cars are waiting for you.

Anyway we made it to the hostel to arrive just before 5pm when it opened.
I thought I would share some of the bad bits and good bits of the trip so far.

Bad bits

1. Serious traffic some times which gets complicated when you struggle up a hill and negotiate poor road surfaces

2. Aches and pains. My left knee is hurting like hell after 25 miles and it has had me in tears whilst trying to do a hill. My bottom is also in a less than perfect condition. Need I say more?

3. Sleep in a different bed every night. We use YHA so has to dress the bed when arrive and share facilities

4. Early morning wake ups , get on your bike and get properly awake during the next 5 miles

5. Seeing lots and lots road kill - it's awful

6. Struggling to do the last 10 miles every day

7. Washing your kit in the sink every evening hoping it's dry enough to wear the next morning

And so on. So you see it is not just fun and games :-

Enough for tonight. Good bits tomorrow !

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