Thursday, 17 June 2010

Day 6

It is getting harder and harder to get up and move in the morning. It took me about 10 to 15 miles today to get into the ride!

Today saw me getting into familiar surroundings as we were cycling the same route which I did with the Ladies group a few weekends ago. Oh yes, and a BIG disaster! I was going so well and so fast down a hill that I missed a crucial turn at the top. During my whizzing down the hill I glanced down to check what speed I'm doing only to notice the pink line of the route vanishing off my screen. By then I was in the bottom of the valley - at least 3 miles away from that turn which meant that I had to ride / walk that steep hill back up to where I missed the turn. That added at least 6 miles onto the ride and about 30 min to the overall journey time (if not more).

We saw good things today. Beautiful poppy fields and masses of honeysuckle and wild roses in the hedges. We also came across the Bike Adventures group who criss cross our route occasionally and I met up with Alan and Jenny who I last saw on Saturday.

Big thing is that I'm home! We rode really fast to Chester and managed to walk into the house at about 3.10pm. One bike had to be sorted out and stocks had to be bought. We also managed to catch up with our daughter and a BIG BIG thanks to Richard and Margaret who put us up for a meal (lovely yummy lasagna) which made my evening effortless). Thanks also for the bread and milk! Much appreciated.

Tomorrow is a early rise and leave again. It is going to be a massive day. We tried to amend the route tonight but it is what it is - a full 91miles from here to Slaidburn. One highlight is crossing the Mersey tomorrow and heading north between Liverpool and Manchester on our way up.

Here is a picture which was taken the day before when we past Tintern Abbey.

We had a very quick stop!

Watch my Flickr stream for more photos.

I now need to get my pannier sorted out again and go to bed. Another update tomorrow evening - from a very shattered  girl !!

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