Thursday, 24 June 2010

Day 13 - 24 June

We were terribly slow this morning leaving Loch Ness. We stayed in bed until we really needed to move on. There were no catering at the hostel so a spared yoghurt from last night was breakfast.

The first 10mi was fast and furious. We stopped at Drumnodrochit for my breakfast which was a bacon and brie pannini with tea.

We continued our journey along the Loch towards Inverness. The weather was good for cycling - sunny with a tail wind. We were only stopped in our tracks when the swung the bridge over the Caledonian canal to let a boat through.

The traffic was quite heavy in Inverness and we alternated between road and cycle paths to make our way through towards the Black Isle using the bridge over the Moray Firth.

We accessed a cycle path after the bridge which took us to Dingwall where we had a good value lunch at Tesco.

Today was the first time when we deviated from our route. Not once but twice choosing an additional 10mi rather than a climb into low clouds.The rest of the ride sapped our energy. With only 20mi left after Dingwall we felt we had am easy day but it was a tough stretch to Bonar Bridge. The wind was sometimes a tail wind and sometimes a head wind. On top of this the Garmins played up. Mine miscalculated the distance left and when I re navigated it switched itself off. So I lost a bit of data and it seems to think that my average speed was 20mph and did the whole ride in about 3hrs ! So giving the data tonight will be partly Stephen's !

We are in a B&B tonight which is such a luxury! We aim to lie under the duvet and watch telly!

The weather does not look great for Friday and Saturday so we might have to cope with some rain (what is that again ? LOL !)

Tomorrow is a very short day with only 48mi to go so we are thinking about a lie in !

Ok. So the good bits about doing this trip.

1. Definitely raising the sponsorship money for Alzheimer's

2. The simplicity of the trip. Not worrying about anything else but getting to your destination every day

3. Hearing the birds and seeing the scenary in slowmotion instead of a whizz in a car

4. Spending quality time with my husband!

5. Meeting lots of friendly people on our journey. Quite a number of people came over and spoke to us about our ride.

6. Lots of really careful drivers that take care when passing us

7. Appreciating a hot shower after each ride!

8. Not worrying what to wear in the evening as I only have one set of clothes!

9. Talking to sheep and being the highlight of a cow's day!

10. Arriving safely and without any hiccups at your destination every night

11. And lastly: finding your destination is on a flat. Not at the bottom or top of a hill :-)

Only two more days to go . . .

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