Sunday, 20 June 2010

Day 8

What can I say about the worst day so far ? I think looking at the stats you will see the story. Only 8.9mi am hour with 4731ft of climbing. The hills just kept coming and coming. Straight out of Slaidburn we had massive hills including a pass which seemed to go on for eternity.

At our lunch stop in Sedbergh we still had 50mi to do. I was really in shock. I was devising all sorts of ways to get to Carlisle without cycling like stopping cars and ask for a lift or take the train.
14mi before Carlisle we got collected by Jackie and Will as we just couldn't go on.

Weather today seems better. And it seems that from Tuesday the constant Northerly wind changes to a Southerly !

The GPS updates is struggling but will hopefully kick in again. In the meantime check my Twitter feed on the right for our position.

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