Sunday, 7 February 2010

Sunday escapades

I was determined last night to make the most of today and be as active as possible. My gym bag was packed and church clothes put in. The active clothes were put on the side so that I don't need to look for them this morning when I crawl out of bed at 7am.

Well, the clock went at 7am and I jumped out of bed (amazing how well you feel if you haven't had any alcohol past your lips the last 7 days) and quickly got dressed.

Made a cup of tea, put the chicken with veg in a casserole and put the oven on timer so that there is a lovely meal waiting when we get out of church.

Then off to the gym. I did about 15 min on the bike and felt that yesterday's 28 miles were still sitting somewhere. It crossed my mind that I should probably think about getting muscle recovery drinks for post-workout. That will help the fatigue in my muscles. Next followed some weights for upper body and a 18 min running session on the treadmill.

I took my Garmin with to measure calorie burn but as it was set for on a bike, it took me a while to get it to recognise that I WILL burn calories even though I am not moving (like on a bike)!

I got it going and after the workout the calorie burn stood at 327cal burned. I guess I can add another 80 cal at least as it needed resetting after it started registering and by then I've been on my bike for about 10min of the 15 already.

I left at 9.30am in time for church. After lunch we took Jazzie for a walk at a local National Trust garden and I hopefully burned more cals as it was about a 2mile walk. Not long I know, but there was a hill involved!

Tomorrow is the start of week 2. I need to weigh in tomorrow morning first thing and the spinning class is booked ofr 17.15. This time I will take the Garmin to register the cals burn and hopefully recording will go smoothly as I now know what the set before I go to the gym!

Thanks for reading!

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