Friday, 19 February 2010

End of the week - here comes the weekend!

Now who doesn't look forward to a weekend? The scales this morning told a lovely story. I have so far 'only' lost 6lb since I started but my bodyfat has consistently crept down and this morning it changed from two ++ to just one + and came in under 40% bodyfat.

Now the hard bit starts to keep that up and keep it going down. I couldn't keep my spinning class today which was a big pity. I think every one missed is a missed opportunity to keep weight going down. I went to town and came home too late to unpack the grocery bags and to leave for the gym. That sounds like a real feeble excuse now that I wrote it. At the time it just doesn't feel that way. I like being on time and really must be in the car 20min before class start to get there, get into the gym, up the stairs and onto the bike. People flock to the class and is spinning well in advance of the class, so eager are they.

My next class is at 13.30 tomorrow and the masterplan is to keep going after class for another 30min (take my own music) as there isn't another booking for the studio after my class. I burn on average 500cal at a session so hopefully I can push this up to about 800cal tomorrow!

I do need it as 1) I missed tonight and 2) we have a party on tomorrow evening which means there will be drinking and eating.

Even though I'm off the alcohol I can't really guarantee that I would totally abstain tomorrow night. The party would be fun! I haven't been to something quite like this for a while. The theme is schooldays and it is a 60th birthday. In honour of the birthday boy I took some effort today to get me something which resembles a school uniform. I'm not sure about my new shirt though. I fitted the white one but it was too tight and too see-through for my liking. I then went for the black one but the comments I got back was "Mum! It looks like you will be going to a funeral!" as my skirt (a nice shortish one) was also black and so is my pumps.

Maybe I should get the white shirt but maybe at another store? I will see how I feel tomorrow.

We have another episode of '24' to watch so I need to get going...thanks for reading. I will let you know tomorrow what my Cal burn rate was!

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