Wednesday, 3 February 2010

New beginnings

Inspirations are everywhere we look but it is up to us to take note and act on them. After reading a fellow blogger's blog of tonight, I decided that I should get myself onto a higher level and stop faffing about. So onto the Gym's website and I managed to book 5 classes for the next week.

I am from Uni days not a big fan of Gym classes. We had aerobics in our Uni Hall and I usually only figured out the movement when the instructor has already moved onto the next sequence. I usually felt like a fool and decided that it isn't for me. So for the last 20 years or so I have avoided anything at a Gym that had remotely to do with 'Classes' and instead tried to follow some sort of exercise routine that I developed myself. (Not that you could really see any results...)

OK, so my first spinning class is tomorrow morning at the very early hour of 6.45am. (What have I been thinking when I booked THAT!?) I also booked a few others of those (most of them are full, they seem very popular) and I also booked a Abs and Back workout. Ouch!!! I'm already NOT looking forward to that.

On the diet front it all is going well. I'm now on Day 3 and haven't crooked once. I've decided to slip from a VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) to a LCD (Low Calorie Diet) which means I have two shakes a day and one 600 cal (max) meal. I bought some slimmer steaks yesterday and had green cooked veg and a steak yesterday evening. Today I did the steak meal at lunchtime and did a shake for the evening. The scales says that I've lost 2.5lbs so good start! I'm steering away from anything that has too much carbs in and I don't have rice, bread, pasta, potatoes and carrots (yes carrots are high in carbs). I focus on lean protein (steak, chicken and tuna) and green veg like broccoli, cabbage, spinach and lettuce.

Oh yes and big news is that I've yesterday decided on which charity I will support with my LEJOG ride. After reading other blogs (and see which charities they support) I have decided to support the Alzheimer's Society. It is the one disease which I am absolutely dreading on getting when I old. It has such phenomenal impact on you and your family, almost like being the living dead. So (I must have been psychic or what?) was quite pleased with myself this morning when one of the main news stories today was about Alzheimer's (Dementia) and the impact on family life and the lack of government funding for research. So, fellow readers, please sponsor me?? Even a small about will help and hopefully many small amounts will grow to a big amount. My target is a modest £1,000.

Let's keep the winter blues at bay and look forward to the sunny days ahead!

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  1. Hi there, Tim here from Daily Cycle. I discovered your blog through the comment you left on my site. Looks interesting. I was wondering if you would consider doing a guest post or interview on my site about your upcoming journey?
    Would be great if you could but no pressure :) you can contact me through the Daily Cycle contact form.

    Keep it up, and good to see you've started spinning :)