Monday, 15 February 2010

A new week, always a fresh start

So here we are with the third week's start. I went on the scales (as usual) this morning and lost only 1.4lb for the week BUT 1.6% bodyfat. Now I guess I have to see this in a positive light as somewhere the new muscles must start showing up and hopefully this is it.

I had a meeting in Milton Keynes today which only started at 11.30. It has advantages like later rising times but also some drawbacks like no car parking at the station. The car parking allocation at my local station is woefully inadequate and if you are not there by 8am (at the latest) you will not get a space.

So this presented me this morning with an opportunity to cycle the 6 miles to the station, get my bike on the train and use it in MK to get to the venue which is 1 mile from the station. This is quite rare and an infrequent novelty so I grabbed it with both hands today!

Unfortunately my train back home from MK was cancelled due to a brake failure so I got delayed by 60min. Standing with a bike on a wet and cold platform leaves you with little room for movement. I couldn't go to the bathroom, wasn't motivated to go back to the ticket office (a lift involved and a long walk) to find out about alternatives, so I sat waiting for the next service.

If I was on my scheduled service, I would've got in a t 4.15pm with daylight to spare. Now I will be faced with dusk and the fact that I left my front light home (accidentally) this morning. At least I have my back light!

Tomorrow morning is another early spinning class. I was helping out with the village pantomime this past weekend which left me with little time to go to the gym. I have some more classes booked for later in the week.

I SO want to crack the magical 11st mark within this or next week. I haven't been able to do that for about 4 years so it will be quite an achievement.

Hubby also felt that he wanted to contribute to my efforts so he invested in some supplements which boast to increase weight loss. Well, all should help!

Thanks for reading!

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