Sunday, 28 February 2010

The end of February

And here we are at the end of February 2010. It has been a four week journey and so far I think, it has gone very well.
I have lost a total of 9lbs in February, having started at 11st11 and weighed in today at 11st2. Whoohoo!! My bodyfat percentage dropped as well which I am really pleased about.
I have lost 4% of body fat which is really great.

I'm just back from a spinning class and burned 323 cals. That was the lowest so far for a spinning class. On average it is above 500cals.

Well the days to doing LEJOG is really getting low now. 102 days is really not much at all, so a slight panic is setting in. I've still got SO much to do!!

This week will be particularly challenging. I'm out all week except for Tuesday when I will try and do a double spinning class, one early morning and one in the afternoon, after 5pm. Apart from keeping up with my exercise, it is always a challenge to take my diet with me where I go. And if you are most of those hours in a car or on a train, it is difficult!

We are planning our summer holidays. Inevitably it includes some cycling! The CTC (Cycling Touring Club) is having their annual birthday rides in Cornwall this year which really appeals. Lodging will be in Penryn at Exeter Uni campus and will be over 6 days. Each day has a choice of 4 bike rides with a variety of distances to cater for everyone. In the evenings are good entertainment and breakfast and dinner are included in the price. Now to find the money to go...!

I have no further news on my Brompton which is a bit disappointing. I was promised a phone call to sort of give me an idea of when the Brompton will be ready but nothing came yet. My bike voucher has arrived about a week ago and it has a deadline of 60days on it. I phoned the bike dealer to let them know and they told me that they don't think there will be a problem. So watch this space!

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