Friday, 5 February 2010

It takes only one child... bring you back to earth!

My daughter walked into the house after school today and I excitedly called her upstairs.
"Look!" I said. "I'm on a website!" and I showed her my interview by Tim Bland that was published today on the "Daily Cycle" website.
She cautiously looked over my shoulder and said " Why did you write so much? You should've written less!".
And I came crashing back to earth. For a few moments in time I felt famous but that has now vaporised. I read the article again and again. Did I really write too much? Maybe I should've kept it shorter. I went away for a cup of tea and came back to the screen. No, I don't think I wrote too much. I wrote what I wanted to say, not more and not less. Thanks Tim!

I attempted another class today. What a disaster! It was a very exclusive class with only 6 others taking part and I now know why. It is SO very hard!! My abs is absolutely non-existent and here I walk in pretending to be able to do all those exercises for Abs and Backs. Partially through the routine my muscles cramped and without noticing, I started to use my neck to raise my upper body instead of my using my Abs. When I walked out of class (yes I stayed until the end but was totally defeated) I had such nausea. I'm definitely not going back there for a while. Maybe when I'm fitter!

I was late (5 min) for this class as my quote from my Bike dealer arrived and I had to go online to enter it onto the Cyclescheme website and request a voucher. I phoned our Finance section yesterday who said that the voucher could take about two weeks to complete. So, not wanting to put this off, I requested my voucher, jumped into the car and headed for the gym.

To my surprise when I got back home, my voucher was in my inbox ready for printing. I had an email after I requested it to confirm that it was submitted but then dashed off. The next email, confirming the approval came through exactly four minutes later!! Superfast!! It wasn't at all expected so you can probably visualise my excitement. Tomorrow I will be handing it in as my Vita bike needs to go for its service after my CTC Ladies Ride.

I need to go and feed the family...thanks for reading!

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  1. LOL - you didnt write too much! It was very interesting, thanks again :)