Tuesday, 18 May 2010

You can say what you want...

but England on a lovely sunny day is absolutely glorious! Rolling hills and green meadows with winding country lanes where you need to dive into the hedges when a car comes past!

But I think I have to be fair here. My ride yesterday was in lovely fabulous weather but it wasn't in England but in Wales. Although we live in a village in England, Wales is very much my preferred spot to get some good cycling! I did a short 20 miles yesterday afternoon which was a very funny trip. I have a patch of country lanes which you could use repeatedly to create different routes with even the added option of some hills.

Today was another active day but not always in the saddle. I had an early morning spinning class at 6.45am and then ventured out to Liverpool, taking my Brompton along. The Brompton is such a great invention, I really fell in love with my bike! He is nifty and looks really the part. Today I was again in full office gear and made some heads turn!

A mission for tomorrow is at least a couple of bike rides. Both will probably be short again. I need to take my dog to her groomer and I have this fabulous idea of cycling there - about 6 miles - with her in her Basil dog basket. See the picture...

I need to get train tickets for another journey next week so I thought while I'm waiting for her, I can just as well cycle to Wrexham and get the tickets from the station or I can do another circular ride and fetch her on the return trip.

I have also called on some friends so do a short bike ride tomorrow after 7pm. Again it will be probably not more than 15 miles but hey, it all adds up doesn't it?

 I have a few more pictures that I would like to share with you.They were taken over the weekend when we did a ride after coming back from the CTC AGM.See the yellow rapeseed field in the background?
Out is the winter gear and in with the summer cycling pants and gloves. Whoohoo!

I still haven't decided which bike I will take. My support has offered to carry my pannier for me provided that it isn't too heavy. This afternoon I spreaded all my intended LEJOG items on the bed and carefully packed the pannier and I'm happy to say that all fits in (one pannier!).
So I can put the handlebar bag on my Dolce and take her for at least the first part of the route. I might just swap bikes when I get home on Day 6  as the big hard part has been done - through Cornwall and Devon.

Have you seen my route? I have put all the distances in both miles and kilometres as I know some of my friends and family works in metric. I will soon post the routes which are all drawn on Bikemap, on the blog as well.

At the end of May I have a Shropshire ladies cycling weekend. Nine ladies from the Fabulous Ladies CTC group are all going down to Bridges Youth Hostel for a weekend of gossip and cycling. Hopefully I can get some good mileage in that weekend apart from a few pints (I'm not drinking at the moment so this will be a bit of a bugger!)

Happy cycling!

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