Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Photo time!

Me and my Vita with the pannier packed ready to go to Penzance !

I thought I will be brave and pose for a picture. I took the Vita for a ride today and loaded the packed pannier onto the bike. The ride was short, just 9 miles so no distance really. The bike behaved well, although I think I should take both my panniers after all and redistribute the weight as having everything on one side was a bit wobbly.
I'm planning a longer ride tomorrow and aim to go in the morning if I can get past my concience to abandon my desk and put extra hours in this evening and tomorrow afternoon!

I also found a good cycling blog to read. Have a look at  Charlotte Barnes's blog

Happy cycling!

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  1. Just looking at your dates, you finish the day I start!!

    Good luck xx