Saturday, 8 May 2010

Ladies Ride to Boat Museum

It was quite disappointing when I went downstairs this morning and saw the raindrops against the window. Well, I did say last night come rain or shine I will ride today so I guess I had to be prepared for any kind of weather.

Arriving at the Kingsway Community Cafe was slow. It was spitting and I just couldn't get going. Slowly more ladies arrived including a friend from the village and when we set out, we were 6 including me.

We went out towards Ellesmere Port and then headed for the Boat Museum

A nice bowl of soup, a roll and some butter soon warmed me up. We met up with another couple of girls from the Wirral ride group and then said our goodbyes to head back home. The pictures left was taken on our ride back. The Higher Ferry picture was when I was on my own riding towards the pedestrian bridge over the Dee.

Oh yes. I met up with a dodgy character along the canal. I stopped briefly just before a bridge to allow a man and his dog through. I thought I will ask if I can access the road further along and he started to tell me which route I should follow. The only thing is that his directions were totally out and he was pointing in the wrong way. I decided to follow my own sense (just as well as I was right after all). When he realised that I'm not going to follow his directions he became a bit abusive and said 'Well, follow your own silly route. Is that a SATNAV on your bike?" I didn't want to admit to the Garmin on my bike (Hey, it is worth a few hundred pounds) so I said no. But as soon as I started moving (carrying my bike up the steps from the canal towards the road) the Garmin made a noise as the movement sensors kicked in.
"Oh" he said " is that your phone?" I decided to agree on this. I really didn't want to become a crime statistic. I was all by myself along this canal with this man and he was far too interested in my Garmin for my liking!

I was soon on my way and pedalled like hell!!

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  1. glad you avoided further intimidation. Trust your instinct and sat nav; some people do not realise where you want to go when you ask for directions; and are likely to send you down main roads rather than the lanes, paths or tracks we use. And I am still unconvinced that Sat NAvs give us enough information that we need, such as access to and from cycle routes or canal paths.