Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Moving along swiftly!

So here we are on Day 15 of the countdown! I still feel very frantic about my training, as if I haven't done anything really significant and yet when I do cycle along familiar paths, I am doing it with ease.

We've since had an offer from a friend to overnight with them when we are passing Carlisle so with a bit of adjustment, Day 8 has stretched with 20 miles and Day 9 has thus 20 miles less. I guess that is OK. I know I will probably curse when I pass through Penrith thinking that I could've binned the day then especially as the previous day is such a stinker with 91 miles to do! I've never cycled 91 miles before in my life. It will be such a mind barrier broken. Maybe this will provide me with the impetus to start Brevet runs next season.

My sponsorship has had a good push over the last two weeks. I've had a lot of promises and some really good donations so I'm now just passed the halfway mark, I still expect a few more to come in, especially a few people that I really think ought to sponsor me!

I bought a lovely little gadget for our ride today. I got the idea from Mark Beaumont  who used solar chargers to power his equipment. I don't have as much stuff as he took on his Americas trip so a charger that take charge of mp3 players and phones will suffice. Here is it on the left.

I've also caught on another idea from a fellow LEJOG cyclist who has approached a few companies to donate some products for her LEJOG trip. This is work in progress!

I thought I will also share a recent picture of me and my lovely Brompton coming back from a business meeting.  She is a great bike, aptly named Thunderbird! She really makes heads turn and I think that is great fun.

Coming weekend will be lots of fun. I'm joining my Ladies cycling group for a weekend of cycling. Pack in as much miles as I can which reminds me that I really need to plot my extra rides for the weekend.

Happy cycling!

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