Monday, 24 May 2010

Technology galore!!!

Thinking back to ten years ago, I am absolutely astounded to the progress that computer technology has made. I still remember my first mobile phone. What a big bulky brick that was! It was a Siemens (do they still make mobile phones??) and very very basic. The price plan was exorbitant and I could barely afford it.
However things has moved on so rapidly, it is (nearly) unbelievable.

Just thinking about what I did this morning to my blog. Not only can I blog about my fitness journey but I will also be able to share with everyone my routes (which has been dutifully plotted) AND you will be able to follow my progress on a map. I think I will be a (moving) red dot! I'm a bit anxious though as I don't plan to take my laptop with on the route so I need to rely on computers at the places we stay and there could be a long queue. All of the tracking will be down to my current mobile phone. I will also be able to upload pictures to the blog courtesy of Twitpic and Flickr.

The weekend was absolutely marvellous! Proper summer weather which has this morning been replaced by a coolness in the air. What a shame! I noticed on Twitter over the weekend that people are already complaining about the heat. It is really funny that the weather can never be perfect in this country. If there is lovely hot summer days there are complaints about the heat, when it is raining there are complaints about the rain and not to mention the colder days. Just accept the weather and continue with life I think!

I did do some cycling over the weekend. I joined the CTC ladies group for a ride to the Eureka Cafe in Parkgate rd where we just sat chatting for a while. Next weekend will be a total different story. I'm off on Friday to Bridges YHA Hostel for a weekend of cycling with a group of 10 girls and I intend to pack the miles in starting with cycling to Bridges, not driving. I will be carrying my panniers which will be a good start of the weekend. As a test I will be turning the tracking button on so you can follow me around as I do my miles. Hopefully it will work. Even though technology has progressed, it is sometimes such a let down too.

Hope for more miles this week.

Happy cycling and good luck to everyone that is out there doing LEJOG like Kirsty HepburnAntony Last and Ali and Sue

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