Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Sabotage!!! and good news...

Regret is a big 6 letter word. I'm really annoyed with myself. Evertime when things are on track I seem to be losing it. Well, seem is putting it lightly. I AM losing it!!

Let me start with the good news first. I've done a whopping 51 miles on Sunday.

We've decided to cycle the upcoming Spring 50 last Sunday. The actual event is this coming Sunday so we thought we'll do it to check the route and also use it as a training event. My average cycling speed was only 10.6 mph which is a bit ridiculous. 
However, in defence I may add that there were many hills and total elevation gain was 650m which is enough for a 50 mile route. It was quite a difficult route to do and I struggled for most of the way. Quite silly really. The feeling to get back home was absolutely great though!

What is nice is that I now have a benchmark for next Sunday.Hopefully I can do a bit better. The picture on the right has a distant cyclist in it...my LEJOG partner!

So why am I losing it? Well, weight-loss is at a standstill but has nothing to do with plateaus or anything like that. Purely me that is sabotaging my own success which is such a shame. Sunday's effort made me drop at least a couple of lbs but only to be ruined by me not sticking to my diet yesterday and also having some wine (when I vowed NOT to drink in the week!). I had a spinning class this morning which was then missed due to feeling way too lazy to get up. So an opportunity to burn 500cals this morning totally missed...

I'm struggling to focus and find it quite tough. Has anyone got some tips perhaps??

Below are my results.

Time: 04:52:28
Distance: 51.85 mi
Elevation Gain: 650 m
Calories: 2,451 C

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