Monday, 15 March 2010

CTC Ladies ride on Saturday 13 March

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What a great cycling weekend this was! First on Saturday, doing a 10mi ride with the local CTC Ladies (see attached link for details) and then on Sunday, doing a great run of 30.4mi down to Malpas in Cheshire. My legs were aching when I got back home and I can still feel the sore this morning. We had to battle a bit of wind, especially on our way back yesterday so it wasn't a straight forward nice ride. We were determined to go out 'whatever the weather', and were very pleased with ourselves when we managed to finish what we set out to do.

I burned a brilliant 471cal (10mi) and 1451cal (30.4 mi) on Saturday and Sunday. There was a huge hill just outside Malpas which gave us some good exercise! Tonight is another spinning class and my legs will probably complain but I do think they need it to 'unwind'.

 My LEJOG partner outside the Red Lion Hotel Garage (interesting name, sin't it?)

I've received a Dutch cycling newsletter this morning from the Fietsberaad people and they mention a good piece of cycling research that was done amongst European cities called 'Bicycle policies of the European cities: continuous and integral' . The document can be found here:

Don't worry! It is in English. It is a document worth reading and will give you some thought about what can be done here and elsewhere.

Happy cycling!

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