Thursday, 28 January 2010

To measure progress you need to know where you came from...

Well, here we are on a winter's day with a maximum temperature of 3C. I've had some thoughts about blogging before and unsurprisingly needed a bit more oomph to really get going. Some will call that motivation.

Maybe it would be a reverse process.I needed motivation to blog and now the blog will provide me with some motivation to get started on this awesome journey till 11 June 2010 when our bike ride start.

A bit of other (better)half has done LEJOG, as the (in) famous Land's End to John O'Groats Bike ride is called, in June 2007 and had thoughts of doing it again when he is the big 50. But as they say, why wait so one thing lead to another and plans were made to do it again in 2010. My initial thoughts were to join him as from Carlisle to cycle Scotland but then it dawned on me...what would I call THAT bike ride?? Half a LEJOG?? That is no good at all so I decided to jump in head first and do the whole thing.

We start on 11 June and aim to finish on 26 June. Now this seems still far away but it isn't as it is less than 5 months away and I'm still 2 stone overweight. I recognise that if I want to do this right, I need to lose some serious weight and also get really fit, fitter than I've been in decades!!

So my blogging on this site will be the journey to this huge adventure and I hope you will go with me there and encourage me all the way.

Let's get cycling!


  1. When you have planned your route and days - if you are passing nearby then I could be persuaded to book a day off and join you for a day?!

  2. That sounds fabulous! The route has been set and I will let you know when we are where.

  3. Hey Welma stick to your diet, I failed last week due to the booze; keep it up Happy Cycling

  4. Hi Welna, I use a Garmon Forerunner 305 when on my bikes, when at the gym or on my rollers or turbo trainer I use my Polar S610i, I had a HA a few years ago and I prefer the Polar HRM to the Garmin as its easier to use.